Zayumm Floyd Mayweather Just Said He SLEPT With T.I.'s Wife Tiny!! (VIDEO INSIDE)

Zayumm Floyd Mayweather Just Said He SLEPT With T.I.’s Wife Tiny!! (VIDEO INSIDE)


Zayumm are y’all ready for another rumble? Floyd Mayweather just disrespected Tip and Tiny in front of a room full of people! If you remember, there was a lot of beef between T.I. and Floyd that stemmed from Floyd hanging out with Tiny while she was separated from her husband (It even escalated to fight).

Well in a press conference (Below) the crowd asked Mayweather about T.I. and he responded with:

What about the b***h? I was f****n’ his b****. Money May gone make it do what it do baby!

Wow, Floyd IS CRAZY. Tip what you gone do boo?

Watch The Video Courtesy of WSHH below:



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