1.) Capricorn

Capricorn is using their iPhones to live their best lives, chile! Tindr, Jack’d, POF…YOU NAME IT! Capricorn’s got it.

2.) Aquarius

Aquarius likes to leave their phone face down, because nobody needs to know who they’re texting and why. Everything they do is on the DL!

3.) Pisces

Pisces forgets to pay their phone bill often, so they’re always shut DOWN.

4.) Aries

Aries is that person who uses their phone to get out of awkward situations. If they don’t wanna talk to someone or make eye contact then they whip that baby out and make themselves look busy with the quickness.

5.) Taurus

Taurus is always getting a new phone! There’s always a technical issue with their devices.

6.) Gemini

Gemini’s phones are always on the charger. They need a lot of stimulation and can drain their batteries quite easily.

7.) Cancer

Cancer uses their phones as a way to save memories and pictures and will often spend time just scrolling through and laughing at the good times.

8.) Leo

Leo is usually taking pictures with their phones. They like to document their days and

9.) Virgo

Virgo is keeping up with their bank accounts and bounce back and forth between their money-management apps. They’ve probably got at least 10!

10.) Libra

Libra is using their phones to send out mass emails and texts about upcoming protests. They’re all about using technology to deliver justice to those who are disenfranchised.

11.) Scorpio

Doesn’t let anyone use their phones, because they have too many naughty pictures that ain’t anybody’s business!

12.) Sagittarius

Has their face as a screensaver to remind them who’s really there at the end of the day. THEMSELVES!

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