Chika Disses Zonnique's Kid For Crying On Plane, Family Reacts

Zonnique Pullins & Deyjah Harris React To Chika Calling Zonnique’s Two-Year-Old Derogatory Names For Crying On Plane

One of this weekend’s viral conversations involved children on airplanes. And rapper Chika sparked the talks after her online rant about a fussy toddler on a late-night flight.

The toddler was Zonnique‘s daughter, Hunter, traveling with Zonnique’s relative and four-year-old daughter. In what Chika later called a “manic episode,” she addressed a crying Hunter as a “bastard,” “b***h a**,” and “sexual promiscuity” consequence.

Chika also labeled the aunt as a  “stupid b****” and incorrectly assumed she was the mother of twins.

“the the last next to me who thought it would be a good idea to buy yourself and your twin infants first-class seats on a red-eye flight, who just woke me up by bringing your screaming bastard to OUR seats to soothe her, I just bought $34 wifi at 4 a.m. to call you a stupid b***h.”

She added:

“P.S. I hate you and hope you get a paper cut between each finger tomorrow, you senseless wench.” Another tweet read, “like are you mentally delayed? What makes you think a 1 y/o will shut their b***h a** up on. a 7 hour flight that takes off at ONE F****NG AYE EM. you ALREADLY had them up past bedtime. Idc the circumstance. Take yo ass to economy at LEAST.”

In deleted tweets, Chika claimed that Zonnique’s aunt “was shaking the damn baby” and “gripping her arms tight to try to shut her up.” She also claimed solidarity with an adult male who recently went viral for complaining about a crying baby on a plane.

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“I’m so pissed off right now. I already had trouble falling asleep. And as soon as I do, you bring the consequence of YOUR sexual promiscuity into MY life. I got noise cancellation on, and I STILL woke up. F**k you h*e, choke.”

Zonnique and her aunt later identified Hunter as the target of Chika’s Twitter attack. A video shows two girls sitting in their own seats across an aisle with headphones and pillows.

“wait I’m in tearsssss not Chika Boo was mad my child was cutting up in first class. You should have just sat there and been mad babe…she sky priority af,” Zonnique tweeted.


Relative Of Zonnique’s Daughter Chimes In, Says Chika Complimented Her On The Girls In Person

A woman claiming Zonnique is her niece also reacted to Chika’s derogatory remarks online. She identified the crying toddler as Hunter and accused Chika of being “insensitive” online while complimenting her in person.

The aunt also said Hunter was only awake for three minutes and cried because she was scared of the pitch-black plane.

“I can’t believe you are that insensitive when she woke up once on a 5hr flight from LA. And second off, it wasn;t your seat from the beginning you switched with someone else and sat your fat a** next to me and let me express the funk that you brought on top of that! crazy sh*t was it was you in my ear saying those girls are so good before she woke up out her sleep scared crying because it was pitch black and her TV had gone off, so she was startled.”

The aunt accused Chika of being mad she and the two children could “afford first class next to a peasant” like her. She also called her a “fake b***h in person!”

Later Friday, the aunt gave the same story in a post on The Shade Room‘s Instagram post about the incident. She suggested Chika was lying about paying for wifi because it was free.

But the bit about Chika’s scent picked up steam on socials, along with the conversation of children traveling on airplanes. Amid her reactions, the rapper replied to the “stink” accusations, saying she showered before the flight and wore clean clothes.

“I get it you think I’m fat. Therefore, you’re like, oh, sloppy, gross, and disgusting. I showered 30 minutes before I got to the airport. My clothes was freshly out the goddamn washer…I was wearing…my favorite clean linen cologne. Ain’t nobody stink around you. You’re just mad that I said some mean things, so now you’re trying to be like, what can I say?”

Chika Apologizes, Later Suggests Twitter Rant Kept Her From Self-Harming

In an initial apology, Chika shared some messages with an unknown person who told the rapper her words were “harsh” and shouldn’t have been tweeted.

“posting because I think it’s important & because I understand that people who actually do want to support me were also offended by my inflammatory thread yesterday. I’m sorry cuz it was triggering/infuriating to many. I just don’t like being seen as someone I’m not.”

But the backlash persisted online, leading Chika to also respond on video. She admitted to acting “real mean” in the tweets but said she wanted to express herself during a manic episode. Chika apologized for being harsh but later told critics to “stay mad” and that the “response is disproportionate to the mistake.”

“Like I been saying, I wasn’t rude to her, and that’s what I’m good with. I have the decency to be mad externally somewhere else. My only mistake was doing it on Twitter. I don’t feel bad cuz the response is disproportionate to the mistake. But like…Do your thing, internet..y’all already ain’t like me, this ain’t nothing new.”


Deyjah Harris Reacts To Chika’s Self-Harm Comment, Says There Are Healthier Ways Than Ranting Online

However, one part of her video reaction caught the attention of Hunter’s aunt, Deyjah Harris–T.I.’s daughter.

“I think that I meant to be mean in those moments because I was like, if I don’t get all of this anger and rage out right now, I’m going to literally have another panic attack on this plane, land at my connecting flight and do what the f**k I did last year which was get off that flight, find the highest point of the building, look down and be like I’m going to f**king do it, I’m going to jump.”

TRIGGER WARNING: The video below contains messages of self-harm/suicide and suicide ideation. 

Deyjah started her tweeted message for Chika by showing solidarity as someone who has previously suffered from “depression, anxiety, self-harm.” But, she immediately makes it clear that Chika’s Twitter assault was “not the way to go about it.”

“There are so many healthier ways to release your emotions. You came to the internet, talked about children as a grown woman, and called my loved ones out of their names. That (to me) is not equivalent to releasing your anger, but rather it shows that you are not emotionally mature/intelligent, and it feels like there is no accountability being taken on your end. Obviously, nobody wants you to hurt yourself!!!”

Harris provided a list of alternative actions, from journaling to speaking to the aunt in person, that Chika could’ve chosen. As of Monday, Chika has not reacted to Deyjah’s message.


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