All 18 Tracks On The Weeknd's 'Starboy' Album Have Charted On Billboard's Hot 100!!

All 18 Tracks On The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Album Have Charted On Billboard’s Hot 100!!

It hasn’t even been two weeks since The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ album was released and he has achieved something pretty epic. All 18 tracks from the album have charted on Billboard’s Hot 100! The title track featuring Daft Punk is the highest-charting song perched at #2, followed by “Party Monster” which is sitting at #16. “Sidewalks” which features Kendrick Lamar entered at #27, “All I Know” featuring Future charts is at #46 and “Ordinary Life” claims the #72 spot.

The only other artist to have done something like this is Drake. All 20 of the tracks from his ‘Views’ album charted on Billboard Hot 100 back in May. He then charted 18 of those tracks during the week of June 4th. The Weeknd did, however, beat Drizzy with streaming. ‘Starboy’ racked up 37.5 million streams to Drake’s 36 million. He also broke Spotify’s record for most streams in the first week with 223 million. Sheesh, Canada is winning right now!

Here is a look at the entire ‘Starboy’ track-list along with the charting positions:

No. 2, “Starboy,” feat. Daft Punk (up from No. 3)
No. 16, “Party Monster” (up from No. 39)
No. 22, “I Feel It Coming,” feat. Daft Punk (up from No. 48)
No. 27, “Sidewalks,” feat. Kendrick Lamar (new)
No. 31, “Reminder” (new)
No. 34, “Six Feet Under” (new)
No. 43, “Die for You” (new)
No. 44, “Rockin’ ” (new)
No. 46, “All I Know,” feat. Future (new)
No. 47, “Secrets” (new)
No. 48, “True Colors” (new)
No. 55, “False Alarm” (re-entry)
No. 61, “Stargirl Interlude,” feat. Lana Del Rey (new)
No. 67, “Attention” (new)
No. 68, “Nothing Without You” (new)
No. 69, “A Lonely Night” (new)
No. 71, “Love to Lay” (new)
No. 72, “Ordinary Life” (new)

What songs are y’all feeling from Starboy? Some of my faves are Starboy, Sidewalks and Part Monster!

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