YSL CO Founder Slams Other Fashion Retailers For Their "Islamic Fashion"

YSL CO Founder Slams Other Fashion Retailers For Their “Islamic Fashion”

In fashion news, retail companies like Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, and even Uniqlo have been making headlines for extending their markets into the Muslim world. From abayas and hijabs to burkinis and other “modest” apparel lines, fashion companies feel that there is big money to be made from Muslim fashions… too bad Yves Saint Laurent’s co founder, Pierre Bergé, not having it!


He believes that the people who are participating in creating these fashions “are taking part in the enslavement of women should ask themselves some questions.”

“I am scandalized,” Bergé told French radio station Europe 1 on Wednesday. “Creators should have nothing to do with Islamic fashion. Designers are there to make women more beautiful, to give them their freedom, not to collaborate with this dictatorship, which imposes this abominable thing by which we hide women and make them live a hidden life.”

The 85-year-old believes that the companies who do partake in these fashions are only in it for the money and doesn’t understand how insulting it is to Muslim women who aren’t allowed to even chose their own fashions, calling for them to “renounce the money and have some principles.”

Lets chat below, do you think Bergé has a point?


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