Yikes, looks like Wale got into some heated business with some random blonde chick in LA last night.

TMZ cameras caught the DC rapper leaving Bootsy Bellows and in the video you can see the woman accuse him of following her before blowing a mouthful of smoke into his face.

Well it looks like Wale didn’t really like that too much because he went 0-100 real quick and smacked the woman’s food out of her hand. It is unclear what sparked the tension initially but let’s just say it looked like it could’ve turned pretty ugly… thankfully Wale’s friends were there to calm him down.

Watch the video for yourself, was Wale right to react that way? Let’s chat below!

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Source: http://m.tmz.com/#article/2016/10/05/wale-angry-girl-blows-smoke-fight/