When it comes to fashion and custom jewelry the hip hop community has always had it on smash; from sporting exotic furs and feathers, to illustrious chains and wrist ornaments. ASAP Ferg has been a consistent leader when it comes to personal style and custom fits. The self proclaimed “Hood Pope” stopped into DWS Jewelry in NYC this week to sort out his latest couture trend. What he ended up walking out with was nothing short of a Masterpiece.

Ferg dropped $10,000 for a new grill, but this is no ordinary mouthpiece. The 18KT rose gold grill is comprised of multiple colored diamonds. The top row reads “HOOD” in white diamonds, with ruby inspired fangs and pink diamonds. The bottom row reads “POPE” and is set in green, pink, yellow and blue diamonds and is offset by pearl fangs encrusted in chocolate diamonds.
“I wanted to create something that was unique to me,” the Harlem rapper said. “I remember being in Social Studies class in high school and seeing a picture of a pope in my text book with a crucifix . This crucifix was studded out with all precious stones, diamonds and pearls. Ever since then I never wanted jewelry that looked like anybody else’s . This grill in a way is the new crucifix (for me).”

Check out the dope grills below!

IMG_0576 IMG_0577

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