Forever 21 is back in the news for ripping off someone else’s design but this time they’re going against Rihanna’s forces.

It has been reported that Puma filed a design patent, trade dress and copyright infringement lawsuit against the retail store after accusing them of trying to “trade on the substantial goodwill of Puma, Rihanna, and the Fenty shoes.”  The German company claims that Forever 21 infringed upon their Fenty by Rihanna x Puma Creepers, Bow Slides and Fur Slides …items that they say,” routinely sells out within minutes of the launch of each new version due to overwhelming demand.”



“The complaint continues by addressing infringement on its “Bow Slides” and “Fur Slides.” Forever 21’s are undeniably similar in design and color.

Puma claims: “In an attempt to ride the coattails of Puma’s substantial investment in and success with the Fenty Shoes, [Forever 21] is using the Fenty Trade Dress to offer for sale, distribute, market, and/or sell competing shoes that are confusingly similar to the Fenty Shoes. As reflected in side-by-side comparisons, [Forever 21’s] infringing shoes are confusingly similar to the Fenty Trade Dress.”

In addition to the strong accusations of copyright and trademark infringement, Puma is also claiming rights to the pale pink and olive green colors used on the “Bow Slides.” As of now, this doesn’t seem like a lawsuit that will go in Forever 21’s favor at all. Read more details on Puma vs. Forever 21 on The Fashion Law here.”

After looking at receipts, the shoes do look a bit similar:



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