Charlottesville, Virginia is under a state of emergency after white nationalists intruded University of Virginia’s campus with torches and chants; which resulted in a large brawl.
Protesters were gearing up for Saturday’s “Unite The Right” rally, which is part of an ongoing effort by select southern communities to remove confederacy iconography from public property. Things were put into motion back in 2015 following the Charleston massacre.
According to CNN, a few dozen men showed up with lit tiki torches, chanting things like, “blood and soil!” and “you will not replace us.”
In many videos shared by rally-goers, chaos is extreme! There were many small brawls making up one larger brawl.
Charlottesville is a Democratic-voting college town and the protest was held there to continue an ongoing discussion of America’s identity.
We hear fists were thrown and screaming matches took place before the rally so y’all can only imagine what happened once the Rally actually began.
According to reports, an undisclosed amount of arrests have been made. The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates this rally to be the “largest hate-gathering of its kind in decades in the United States.”
This story is developing!
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