5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Puerto Rico Causing Damage

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Puerto Rico Causing Damage

Early Monday morning, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook the island of Puerto Rico, causing an immediate panic for residents.

According to NBC News, the earthquake struck around 6:32 am just south of the island where its presence was felt the most. Local officials say that there is no tsunami threat following the earthquake. Residents took to social media to upload photos of the aftermath, which showed partially collapsed houses and rocks and boulders blocking the roads.

Carlos Acevedo, the head of the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency, said that this 5.8 magnitude earthquake is the “strongest quake since the first in a series jolted the island December 28th.” Since December 28th, more than 1,000 earthquakes have been recorded in the area, most of which have not been felt.

Thankfully, there were no major injuries reported.

“My entire family woke up screaming, I thought the house was going to crack in half, said Dr. Sindia Alvarado, who is located in the southern coastal town of Peñuelas.

According to CBS News, Angel Vazquez, an emergency management director for the southern coastal city of Ponce, also said that there were power outages that also occurred as a result of the earthquake. He stated that this was the strongest of the earthquakes that they have experienced thus far.

According to the Miami Herald, Punta Ventana, one of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders reportedly collapsed as a result of the earthquake as well.

Denniza Colon, a resident in the region says she went by the area Monday and was shocked to see that the arch had collapsed. She said, “This is really sad. It was one of the biggest tourism draws of Guayanilla.”It was one of the biggest tourism draws of Guayanilla.”


Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/earthquake-hits-puerto-rico-island-jolted-5-7-magnitude-quake-n1111046 


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