50 Cent Dragged His Lifestyle Through The Mud And Still Has To Pay Up!!

50 Cent Dragged His Lifestyle Through The Mud And Still Has To Pay Up!!

We recently posted a video of rapper, 50 Cent making it rain in Club Onyx, well it looks like he might need to go back and get a refund because he’s going to need to hold tight to his coins after his lawsuit has gone from bad to worse!

We reported that 50 was ordered to pay Rick Ross’ babymomma, Lastonia Leviston, $5 million after winning her lawsuit against the rapper turn mogul. Welp according to the NY Daily News, now the judge has ordered 50 Cent to add an extra $2 million to that total for punitive damages, making his bill a whopping $7 million!!! 

Leviston hopes that 50 Cent has learned his lesson of “you can’t be mean and cruel to people.” She also added, “I’ve been served justice by the courts and vindicated by God.” 

Well it isn’t all bad for Fiddy as the initial request by Leviston’s lawyer was $15 million!

“We had to compromise. Some wanted (to award) more, some wanted less,” said the jury foreman, Tom Evans, 72.

Speaking of jury none of the jurors bought any of the crying broke stories 50 Cent was trying to give to get out of paying more than the $5 million already given.

He has it. He’s 50 Cent. You know he has more than 50 cents,” said another juror, Sylvia Rodriguez. “I don’t think he’s broke. If anything he has it hidden.”

What might have made it worse for him was his overly charming tactic he used thathe probably   thought would have gotten him out of trouble.

“I don’t think he was taking it seriously,” Sylvia said. “He was winking at one of us, and then he just ran out of the courtroom. That wasn’t necessary.”

The jury also felt as though he wasn’t as apologetic as he wanted them to believe when he said, “I’m sorry if you feel that I hurt you,” saying that his statement was more of an insult than it was an apology.

Let’s chat below, do you think 50 Cent has learned his lesson?



Sources Sited: NY Daily News!!


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