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A New Twitter Plugin Called “Safe DM” Will Now Block & Delete Unsolicited Nude Pictures In Your DMs

Roommates, looks like Twitter has been in these streets enough to know that unsolicited nudes have been a problem for some people and they’re going to start doing something about it! If you’ve ever opened up your DMs and was completely caught off guard after you received an eggplant without asking for it, Twitter is about to put on their cape on, and do it for the culture!

According to Business Insider, the plugin that launched on Friday was the brain child of a developer named Kelsey Bressler. She got the idea after she received an unsolicited penis picture (better known as a d*** pic) in her DMs and had ENOUGH. So what’s a girl to do with this problem? Solve it, as we often do. She reportedly used artificial intelligence to build the plugin and trained its algorithm of the expenses she actually asked people to send her for research. Yes, you read that correct, she asked for people to send her nudes and got over 4,000 pictures from volunteers.

As it stands, the plugin is only for Twitter’s direct messages, but Kelsey told #BBC she’s in early talks with another major social media company to adapt to the plugin for use on its platform as well.  “We would like to roll this out on other social media platforms and are discussing where to go next.”

So this is how the filter works, apparently the filter blocks various images of objects that resemble penises. That also includes sex toys and any other suggestively shaped figures. Kelsey told BBC, that the software has a 99% success rate.

With this new technology, Twitter is clearly taking steps towards keeping these social media streets more pleasant. Now, this is a judge free zone, so if you ARE into sending nudes, there’s no word on if the filter also blocks solicited/consensual pictures in the DMs. But really, there’s only one way to find out..

Are y’all here for this update?!


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