Whew chile, things in the Carter family continue to go from bad to worse, as it’s now being reported that Aaron Carter’s twin sister has also filed a restraining order against him just days after big brother Nick Carter filed his.

@TMZ reports that the situation between the siblings has gotten so out of control that Angel Conrad filed the official paperwork for a restraining order in a Los Angeles court earlier today. Conrad has requested a domestic violence restraining order against Aaron, however she is currently awaiting the judge’s decision to find out if it will be granted.

To get you back up to speed, Nick Carter filed his restraining order earlier this week after accusing Aaron of threatening to kill his wife and his unborn child, as Nick’s wife is currently pregnant. This follows the reports of Aaron’s recent diagnosis for a host of mental health issues including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Furthermore, Nick also explained that he needed court ordered protection from Aaron because he is afraid he will harm the Carter family—and apparently little sister Angel now agrees. Not only is Aaron’s behavior a huge cause of concern for his family, he’s also in possession of at least six firearms and a sword, which his girlfriend Lina expressed that she is so terrified that she is losing sleep.

As for Aaron, he claims that his family is telling lies on him to ruin his reputation and that he would never harm them—all he wants is for them to leave him alone permanently.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?