Quando Rondo Checks YouTuber Over Diamond Tester Prank

Aht Aht! Quando Rondo Checks YouTuber Over Diamond Tester Prank

While out and about in his hometown, Quando Rondo was subjected to a jewelry prank, though the rapper’s reaction may have been more than the practical joker anticipated!

Quando Rondo Isn’t Here For The Trolling: ‘N***as Get Murked Like That’

In a Christmas Day upload, YouTuber DatBoyQ showed himself vlogging at the Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah, Georgia, when he came across Quando. After getting the rapper’s permission to engage in a brief interview, the YouTuber asks if he can test Quando’s $100K chain to see if it’s real.

However, the diamond tester was broken, as it had been dropped earlier that day, according to DatBoyQ. As a result, Quando’s chain reads as being a fake, though the rapper isn’t buying it.

“Man, lil bruh, quit playing with me, man.”

Quando then gets the YouTuber to admit that he’s trollin’ and that the tester is fake. However, adamant about defending his honor, Quando then has DatBoyQ follow him to his jeweler to set the record straight.

“Where your diamond tester at? They trolling me with they little fake diamond tester. I don’t know what they got going on.”

Quando then checked the YouTuber and told him just how serious the matter could have gotten.

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I don’t even know y’all boys. Y’all got that fake a** diamond tester and shit. Lil’ bruh, y’all playing. N***as get murked like that and get laughed at.”

Then, a real diamond tester is brought out, thus vindicating Quando.

Check out the full video down below.

The Encounter Comes Just Over A Year After Quando Rondo Was Confronted While Shopping

While on the subject, we have to note that this isn’t the first time Quando has had a mall-based encounter make it onto the internet.

Last September, a video emerged of an unknown man rolling up on Quando as he was shopping, and he implored the rapper to follow him to the bathroom to presumably fight.

While it’s unclear why exactly this incident transpired, we should add that—as it went down less than a year after Quando’s crew engaged in a fatal shootout with King Von and his affiliates—it may have been a disgruntled fan of the “Crazy Story” rapper.

What do you think about Quando Rondo’s reaction to the prank?


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