Akbar V Shares Sweet 'Quality Time' Photos With Her Children

Akbar V Shares Sweet ‘Quality Time’ Photos With Her Children: ‘I’m Not Perfect But I’m Trying’

Akbar V is spending some valuable quality time with her children.

“Big Mama House”

The rapper took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video and a carousel of photos documenting the family’s moments. In the video, Akbar sits alongside her children, playing Kanye West’s “Family Business.”

Akbar shared a short caption with the video.

It’s family business @bigmamahouse__ follow my family 🖤
In the caption, Akbar directed her Instagram followers to follow another account of hers, @bigmamahouse__. The account seems to be in promotion of the upcoming reality show that Akbar mentioned while being interviewed on #TSRLiveOnAmp, as previously reported by The Shade Room.
I’m currently about to start filming “Big Momma House” with just me and my kids — It’s going to be on my Youtube: Akbar V, so you guys subscribe to that…
In a follow-up post on her account, Akbar shared a few photos of her children while shopping. In a few, she posed alongside them. Akbar also captioned this post.

Date night with my kids …quality time is a must .. this year each week we will do a outing 😘love my kids❤️…. I’m not perfect but I’m trying 🙏🏽and God knows I don’t have the playbook but with him who needs it😔🙏🏽 @bigmamahouse__

Akbar’s Custody Battle

During her #TSRLiveOnAmp interview, Akbar shared a few details about the ongoing custody battle for her 12-year-old son.

It’s only one son that I don’t have. And I just went to court today to try to um — he deals with a lot so I went to court today to try to gain back custody of him. And I feel like everything works good for those that love God, and I guess God wasn’t ready for him to come back cause he’s got a lot of special needs and he’s been with his grandma since he was a kid.

Akbar explained why the battle has took an emotional toll on her.

It really brought tears to my eyes cause I felt like his grandma just played him against me and — it’s just a lot. But you know, a lot of decisions I made in my past, I feel like, is coming to haunt me now and I have to understand that sometimes the past comes back and I just have to face it.

Roommates, are you happy to see Akbar alongside her children? And will you be tuned into her upcoming reality show?


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