Alexis Skyy Apologizes To Akbar V, Ari Fletcher & More

A Clean Slate: Alexis Skyy Apologizes To Akbar V, Ari Fletcher, Masika & More Women She Beefed With—”I Was In A Dark Place”

In an effort to make up and move forward, Alexis Skyy apologized to some of the women who she’s beefed with in the past!

Alexis Skyy Brings In The Love & Forgiveness

The apology came through a video that Alexis shared on Instagram on Monday. She started off by noting that, before Women’s History Month comes to an end, she wanted to “apologize to any of the girls that [she’s] had any beef with in the past.”

She specifically name-dropped Ari Fletcher, Jayda Cheaves, Akbar V, and Blac Chyna. However, beneath The Shade Room’s re-upload of her post, Alexis added, “This is for anyone I had problems with…this apology is for Masika as well.”

In her video, Alexis explained that some of the issues were caused by her being “in a dark place” at the time, and she wants to apologize and usher in forgiveness.

“On this journey, I want to forgive and I want to apologize. I want to apologize to any of the girls I had beef with in the past like Jayda, Ari, Akbar, Chyna— If I ever said anything that was hurtful towards you, I want to truly apologize to you […] I think that back then, I was just in a dark place.”

After pointing out that she’s all about making amends now, Alexis also said she forgave the women she named as well. The model wrapped by saying that she hopes she and her past adversaries could move on.

Her Beef With Akbar V Went LOW

While Alexis name-dropped a few different women, we should note that, regarding her beef with Akbar, the pair fell into some deep-seated drama a couple of years ago. Following a physical altercation, Akbar took to Instagram Live to call Alexis’s daughter, who has a disability, “braindead” back in mid-2021. Akbar eventually apologized, though Alexis did NOT accept the apology.

Then, rumors broke that Alexis and Akbar had been involved in an incident at Saucy Santana’s album release party, suggesting that there was still plenty of bad blood between the women.

Alexis Skyy’s Apology Follows Her Embarking On A ‘Spiritual Journey’

Speaking of Alexis Skyy, we should note that—just last month—she opened up about her decision to begin a “spiritual journey,” which she acknowledged “hasn’t been easy,” as The Shade Room previously reported.

She specifically proclaimed that, as she was “so used to living a certain way” and just “doing everything the wrong way,” ushering in change was difficult. However, she said, “It’s okay because God is testing my faith.”

Shoutout to Alexis Skyy for choosing to make amends with her past adversaries!


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