Alexis Skyy’s Former Bestie Ikey Continues To Expose Her On Social Media—And Threatens To Release More Receipts

Alexis Skyy’s Former Bestie Ikey Continues To Expose Her On Social Media—And Threatens To Release More Receipts

Whew chile! Alexis Skyy and her former bestie and business partner Ikey have recently had a serious falling out—and he is spilling her tea all over social media. Just when fans thought that he was done exposing Alexis, he posted on social media that he has more…and he will release all the receipts if she pushes him to do so.

Earlier this week Alexis Skyy and her former best friend Ikey apparently had a falling out that spread onto social media, with him spilling all the dirt on some of her deepest secrets. While answering fans’ questions on Instagram regarding Alexis courtesy of his new page The Vault Uncut, Ikey stated that Alexis currently has a man footing the bill for her new business.

When a fan asked how Alexis got her new business venture up and running, Ikey responded with “Some White guy she just met & is using for everything.” However, he didn’t stop there. When another Instagram user asked why Alexis ended her relationship with her former boyfriend Trouble, Ikey revealed that is was allegedly due to jealously over Trouble posting Lori Harvey on social media.

He ended the initial Q&A with a warning to her:

“Once I don’t like you… I will never respect u… & Once the respeck is gone.. the disrespect comes out to play.”

Well he’s back with more—and now is threatening to release more information about her after he says she has repeatedly called his mother to get to the bottom of things.

Ikey wrote this on his Instagram stories:

“Alexis, u can stop calling my mother making up lies…& sending threats B4 I retaliate. Soon as some BS come my way, game on!!!!! U started it by posting that email insinuating I accepted money from somebody without ur knowledge, when u know damn well what the deal was!!!!! & that’s all Ima say, the only reason I did the Q&A was bc you posted that email insinuating what u did…when u leave it alone, I will as well.”

He continued airing out Alexis, writing:

“I got a bunch of videos, messages & info…of u doing a lot of things. None of which I released!!!!”

As of right now, Alexis Skyy has not responded to Ikey’s latest posts.


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