Sanya Blasts Martell Holt For Not Covering Shereé's B-Day Dinner

Alliance WHERE?! Sanya Richards-Ross Blasts Martell Holt For Not Covering Shereé Whitfield’s Birthday Dinner

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans may have gotten used to the split-cast dynamic between the ladies this season. However, on the latest installment of The Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, Sanya Richards-Ross didn’t hold back while butting heads with Shereé Whitfield, who she’s been buddy-buddy with since last season.

Specifically, Sanya had something to say about Shereé’s boyfriend, Martell Holt, having Whitfield’s friends chip in to help pay for her $1,500 birthday dinner.

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Shereé Whitfield Says Her “Empty-Handed” Guests Can “Chip In” For Their Meals

Martell having Sanya and Marlo Hampton help pay for the birthday dinner briefly came up on the show. However, the matter really came to a head when it was brought up in passing during the After Show.

The subject opened with Whitfield saying that it “was just a little much” for Hampton and Richards-Ross to have expected to get a free meal at her birthday dinner. Shereé also pointed out that, as they didn’t bring her a gift, she definitely stood by the decision.

“People can chip in for the birthday girl. Especially if you didn’t bring a gift.”

This prompted Sanya to admit that she “originally thought that Martell would pay it.” However, she pointed out that, considering how they haven’t been an official item for too long, “Martell shouldn’t have that responsibility.”

With the matter out in the open, Shereé pointed out Sanya showing up “empty-handed” while asking, “You wanted your meal to be paid for?”

Nonetheless, the athlete responded by calling Shereé out for only giving them 24-hour notice.

“You’re not five years old. I’m not gonna run to the store to go buy you a gift.”

Of course, Richards-Ross also pointed out that she’s never asked the ladies to chip in at her events.

“I paid for y’all to eat at Ross’ birthday party. I didn’t ask y’all to chip [in].”

Sanya Richards-Ross Continues Clapping Back Before Marlo Hampton Mediates

The matter continued to escalate as Shereé doubled down. She was also sure to point out that while Martell paid for her, he wasn’t obligated to cover the bill for her guests.

“He did pay for me. But why would he pay for you and your husband? Ross shouldn’t even want another man paying for him and his wife.”

The crux of Shereé Whitfield’s argument appears to be that the party wasn’t “all girls,” as she brought this up when Sanya Richards-Ross noted, “I have been to many birthday dinners where the man has paid for everybody.”

To back up her point, Sanya also referenced times when Aaron Ross and Todd Tucker pulled out a card to take care of the bill for a group outing.

At that point, Marlo interjected to play peacemaker.

“We’re gonna agree to disagree. If Martell had been with her longer, I would’ve expected him to pay it. I know if she was still married to Bob, I know he would’ve paid it.”

‘RHOA’ Fans React Online: “This Is The REAL Shereé”

Once clips of the back-and-forth began to circulate, fans started to chime in on Twitter.

Peep what people had to say down below.

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