Roommates, have you ever been in a position where you WISHED you didn’t send a text message?! I know I definitely have. Whether it was something you wished you didn’t say or sent a text to the wrong person, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that we’ve had a moment of text regret.

Well it seems Apple is about to change the game! According to Business Insider, the messages can be retracted through iMessage. Apparently once the message is retracted, a notification with very fine print will pop up in the conversation notifying everyone involved that the message was unsent.

If you’re like me, then you have questions! Right now, there is no word on what the time limit is on when you can unsend the messages. Also, the feature may not be available if the person on the receiving end of your text messages has an android. Blue text bubbles only y’all!

The new feature is reportedly set to be a part of the next iOS update for iPhone users. The news comes just a few weeks after Apple warns customers there may be a shortage of phones given the Coronavirus outbreak. WIth every new release, it feels like Apple tries to do their best to listen to the needs of their users. At one point “hacking” was a major issue and Apple did the MOST to ensure iPhone were safe. Do y’all remember when they offered $1M to any hacker that can prove they were able to hack into someone’s phone? We haven’t heard of anyone claiming the $1M prize, as far as we’re concerned. But anyway, going back to this new update, now that you know what’s reportedly set to come, are y’all here for this new feature? Let us know if Apple is answering your cellphone prayers or if you just don’t need it?!