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ASAP Rocky Could Receive More Than $2 Million From Swedish Government If Found Not Guilty

Roommates, it looks like the City Girls won’t be the only people asking “Where the bag at?” According to TMZ, he could be compensated more than $2 million for his time in jail.
According to Swedish law, a person is permitted to seek reimbursement for any “coin” lost during their time in prison, if the defendant is found not guilty. This has been a major dispute during ASAP’s case.
The rapper’s legal team has fought with the Swedish court to allow Rocky to be released on bail. However, the court system is not here for it. The prosecution requested that A$AP be held in jail for six weeks while they gather information to build their case. The prosecution has also deemed Rocky as a “flight risk.”
ASAP’s lawyers argue that a six week hold will not only negatively affect the rapper’s career, but will also hurt his pockets. However, if Rocky is found not guilty, in the words of Nicki Minaj, “I tell all my people, ‘Cut the check.’” Sweden will owe ASAP a very hefty amount of money.
Since being incarcerated three weeks ago, Rocky has had to cancel 12 shows. The rapper is also booked for seven more shows throughout September. @TMZ_Tv estimates that Rocky makes $100,000 per performance. If he is held for the full six weeks, the Swedish government could owe the rapper more than $2 million.
Now, while $2 million may be a pretty “coin”, it does not substitute the time that Rocky has spent in jail. Many artists have taken to social media showing their support of ASAP. Most recently, Donald Trump got involved, saying that he would personally “vouch” for Rocky if he is granted bail.
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