It’s been a long few years for Azriel Clary, as she spent most of her young adult life in an alleged relationship R. Kelly and Joycelyn Savage. Well, after enduring what she says was brainwashing and manipulation, it looks like Azriel has finally been reunited with her family.

In the R. Kelly documentary, Azriel’s parents made it clear they had not had contact with her for years. They alleged she was being held hostage by Kells, and that he was not allowing Azriel to see them. Initially, Azriel maintained she was safe, and wanted to be with R. Kelly, but not anymore!

After having a physical altercation with Joycelyn for unclear reasons, Azriel has posted photos and videos of her being reunited with her family. She smiles, and her dad has expressed how grateful to have his 22-year-old back home.

In a series of tweets, Azriel asks for people to have some empathy with her, and asks for forgiveness from the public.

It is still unclear what happened between Azriel and Joycelyn, but while Kells is still behind bars, Azriel has made her way back to where she says she always wanted to be.

Stay with us as this story continues to develop, Roomies!