TSRI: Bambi Sets Record Straight After Brawl Led To Her Arrest

Bambi Shares Her Side Of The Story After Atlanta Brawl Led To Her Arrest | TSR Investigates

On the heels of her arrest alongside Erica Mena and ZellSwagBambi is taking a moment to share her side of the story and provide some clarity.

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Bambi Says Malaysia Pargo & Her Cousin Played A Key Role In Helping The Detained Reality Stars

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star spoke on the situation, which recently broke out at a Buckhead hookah lounge, during a sit-down with Justin Carter for TSR Investigates.

As The Shade Room reported, word of the altercation broke over the weekend, prompting stars like Momma Dee and Saucy Santana to chime in online. Footage of the scuffle soon began circulating, and the reality stars’ mugshots followed.

Now, Bambi is sharing her piece, and she was sure to note that the entire ordeal was “really scary and traumatizing” before suggesting that it was wholly unnecessary. In fact, she declared, “It was like a setup.”

“I spent the morning in jail for nothing. I have a mug shot for nothing.”

Bambi proceeded to recall how the matter began, noting that Erica was “lit” and play-fighting with ZellSwag. However, she says security guards misinterpreted the situation, and everything went downhill.

“I guess the security thought that it was a real altercation happening.”

Eventually, Bambi says, a man working security “came and grabbed [Erica Mena] up and was just really aggressive with the force.” ZellSwag attempted to intervene as Bambi tried diffusing the situation, and a police officer soon joined the mix.

“I was simply trying to diffuse the situation. Trying not to get it to the point of people getting arrested and thrown out the club, and that just wasn’t the case.”

Ultimately, the group was arrested. Bambi says they spent about five hours at the Fulton County Jail. She also notes that Basketball Wives star Malaysia Pargo and her cousin, a police officer, helped get them out.

Erica Mena Allegedly “Feels Bad” & Disagrees With The “Narrative”

As Bambi shared her perspective, she speculated that the officers may have been “trying to make a statement.”

“I don’t know if they were just trying to make a statement because of who we are, but they were definitely doing the most.”

Speaking of making statements, she also acknowledged Momma Dee taking to social media to express her concern by calling it “cap.” Oop!

Bambi went on to share that she’s in communication with Erica, who “feels bad” and thinks “the narrative is that Erica is ‘wild’ and ‘crazy.'”

“I just hope that she can regroup and just understand that she do have people that have her back. And I don’t think she’s a bad person at all.”

Catch the full episode below.

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