Bhad Bhabie Issues Apology For Asking "Who Wants To Be Black?" In Throwback Video

Bhad Bhabie Issues Apology For Asking “Who Wants To Be Black?” In Throwback Video

Bhad Bhabie has surely been living up to her stage name if you ask the folks on social media, but it looks like she’s trying to make amends for one of her previous controversial statements.

Bhad Bhabie came into the spotlight at just 15 years old and as she has matured physically, people have accused her of appropriating black culture on many occasions. She seemed to be unbothered by the comments for some time, but chose to respond after fans accused her of “trying to be black” after she wore a makeup look that made her skin appear to be tanned.

“…I would be saying the ‘n’ word, I would be doing things that black people to do act black, I don’t know what the f*ck y’all are talking about. Who wants to be black? I don’t understand that. I really just don’t comprehend it,” she said in the original video.

Eight months after posing that question, Bhad Bhabie is issuing and apology and an explanation to clarify exactly what she meant. In the new video, she explains that she was simply trying to understand who people were accusing of being black, and did not mean to portray the idea that being black is a bad thing.

“I apologize to anyone who was offended by what I said. It was not meant how it was taken. I would like for y’all to understand that I didn’t mean it in a bad way I was saying it like ‘who are you talking about’ not meaning it’s bad to be that,” she captioned the post. “This is the last time I will defend myself on this topic y’all can twist whatever you want but I know what I truly meant.”

Some fans have come to Bhabie’s defense, pointing out that she has had time to reflect on what was said and has grown from the experience.

As we’ve previously reported, Bhad Bhabie has certainly been taking the necessary steps to work on herself, as she checked herself into a rehab facility back in June.

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