#BishStoleMyLook : Kylie Jenner's "Glosses" a Bite Off Of Ming Lee's 'Pink Is The New Black' Commercial?

#BishStoleMyLook : Kylie Jenner’s “Glosses” a Bite Off Of Ming Lee’s ‘Pink Is The New Black’ Commercial?

#Kardashian stans got a +1 this week when Kylie dropped her new “Glosses” video on YouTube! The video was so cute, but fans couldn’t help to notice that this video, and its concept, bare a very striking resemblance to #MingLee’s #SnobLife commercial titled #PinkIsTheNewBlack. Well we have both videos on our site for comparison purposes. 
Ming released back in 2014, but you know the people never forget! In Kylie’s commercial, she acts as the getaway driver for two girls who stick up a dealer of sorts for all of his cash. They eventually get caught, but the premise is “Who cares? We look hot!”

On the flip side, Ming and her girls get back at a supplier who stole her 300 kilo shipment of hair! It is so gangsta and makes you feel like you’re watching Shottas or something! The girls bust in on dude and kick a** and take names with AK’s in tow!! Unfortunately, they too, get caught and Rich Homie Quan has to bail them out.
In both videos the ladies line up to take a mugshot in exactly the same way. Maybe someone from Kylie’s team thought no one would notice? Check out both videos for yourself!

Here’s Kylie’s “Glosses” ad…

…and here’s Ming Lee’s “Pink Is The New Black”!!

You guys be the judge and let’s chat!!

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