Yea aight! If you thought that Blueface was a one hit wonder, technically… he is. That’s one hit to the face that is! In a recently surfaced video, you can see Blueface punch a man and knock him out after he tried to pull up on him. Now, there’s no word on what was the cause of the altercation but it’s very clear that Blueface was ready to defend himself.


In the video, you can see Blueface take one punch at the man and knock him to the ground. If you keep on swiping, you’ll see he also pulled his own receipts to show everyone he’s not new to this, he’s true to this! See the video below:

The news comes just weeks after Blueface has been very public about the issues he’s been having with his mom and sister after he kicked them both out of his California home. Not only has Blueface had his fair share of issues with his family, he’s also had a few run-ins with the law Roommates. As we reported, he was recently charged with a felony for reportedly carrying an unregistered firearm. As of now, he’s still awaiting updates on his case.

Clearly Blueface hasn’t let being in hot water slow him down. The rapper has been . living it up in his home and even buying some very interesting jewelry pieces. See below:

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