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Blueface Trends As Viral Video Shows Women Who Appear To Be Sleeping In Bunk Beds & Getting Tattoos

On Sunday, Blueface went viral because of a clip that showed women living in bunk beds and getting tattoos. 

In the beginning of the video, Blueface could be heard asking one of the women, if they are going to get tattoos. Walking around, accompanied with an unidentified male, the video showed women living in bunk beds, box fans on the dresser, and writing on the wall.


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“You ready to get your tattoo today?” He can also be heard seemingly saying, “Get your tattoo or go home.” 

People took to Twitter and had a lot to say about the rapper, many even comparing him to R.Kelly.

One person tweeted, “I look forward to watching “surviving blueface” on lifetime.” Another person commented and said, “Blueface running a shelter…”

Someone else tweeted, “Now when blueface is the next R.Kelly I don’t wanna hear nobody saying they didn’t know he was a predator cause the n***a is showing off for y’all atp.”

Some even compared it to a concentration camp. One said, “Them h***s in the blueface’s concentration camp writing on the wall next to they bunk bed like they in county jail.”

As you know, Blueface is no stranger to headlines, when it comes to the women in his home. After creating a reality show, “Blue Girls Club,” Blueface stated he wasn’t sleeping with any of the women.

“I don’t have relations with any of these women. The purpose of the show is to develop these women by exercising there temper attitude patience an composure,” he stated, “An I’m letting them use my platform as a second chance to chase there dreams without selling themselves to get by. We are all 1 family. They all have a past. I just wanna change their future.”

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