If you’ve been on social media during the current self-quarantine period, then you are likely aware of Boosie Badazz going full throttle during his Instagram live broadcasts. Well, apparently Instagram finally found out what was going on during Boosie’s X-rated livestreams and they sent him a strong warning.

Within the last week, Boosie Badazz has made Instagram his virtual playground. This is largely due to asking his fans to do X-rated things for cash, quick fame and the amusement of the Internet. His videos have easily become fan favorites during this time of self-quarantine—but Instagram has officially entered the chat and told Boosie to pump the brakes.

In a recent video post, Boosie explained what happened when he received a DM from Instagram:

“Instagram just DM’d me! Told me stop my actions. I ain’t stopping s**t… because we on quarantine. F**k! Can’t leave the f**king house, everybody’s f**ked up. Talking about stop your actions. Leave my live then f**k! I don’t give a f**k mayne. I’m showing the world a good time. Everytime I try to show the world a good time they just try and take it from me.”

He continued, adding:

“I just DM’d and hit ‘em back asking if ya’ll can just shake that a**. So, I’m waiting on that response, that’s what we waiting on for QTB.”

While Boosie is waiting on Instagram’s response, his fans are anxiously awaiting his next live session.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?