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Lil Boosie’s Been Cuttin’ UP On Instagram During This Quarantine

Roommates, while we’ve all been under quarantine, people have taken to social media to do all kinds of things to get their mind off of the coronavirus pandemic. Right now, on social media there are countless challenges floating around, people turning their living rooms into night clubs, and an endless amount of tik toks showcasing the latest dance craze. With so much going on, Boosie has managed to prevail as one of the most entertaining people on social media without having to do a thing but be himself, and if you know anything about Boosie, then you know that alone can be very entertaining!

Since we’ve been quarantined, Boosie has been jumping on Instagram Live to interact with people, women specifically. Though we know Boosie isn’t shy about shooting his shot at Rihanna, he’s back on the mend after hearing rumors she may be seeing ASAP Rock. It seems he’s since shifted his focus to his female Instagram followers. His antics have already sparked so many viral videos, including the one below:

One fan in particular got a special message from Boosie after she tried to show off some dance moves he never asked for, see the outcome below:

If you thought only his fans were subject to Boosie’s madness, you better think again! Recently, Boosie hopped on Live with none other than Shaquille O’Neal for probably one of the funniest moments on his series of Lives, check it out:

Boosie has an allure about him that you just can’t help but laugh and be entertained. The antics definitely come at a time where a little comedic relief feels is absolutely welcomed. Boosie has also used his platform to speak on other things that have been on his mind and heart. Just yesterday he touched on previous comments he made about transexual children and cleared the air about what he really meant to say, click here to watch!


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