Battle Of The Bra: Drake Reacts To An L-Cup Thrown On Stage

Battle Of The Bras: Drake Jokes About Meeting Owner Of 36L Cup Bra Thrown On Stage (Video)

Drake might have some competition for the spotlight in his It’s All A Blur tour: the bra. Concert attendees have been snapping those thangs off and slinging them toward the rap superstar during his performances.

While taking over Washington D.C.’s Capitol Arena, one undergarment souvenir stole his attention! Move over 36G–36L is joining the rapper’s Hall of Fame.

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“36L? L? How many letters does it go up to,” Drizzy asked his audience. “What comes after…A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K L!? There’s another one over there that looks big, but we’ll talk about it later, I gotta talk to you personally…L?!”

The rapper performed in the nation’s capital on two consecutive nights, July 28-29. At this time, the woman behind the bright pink look is not publicly known.

After gawking at the L-cup bra, Drake also scooped up a black padded bra. Like Veronica’s, it was sized 36H, and Drake again asked the audience to locate its owner.

“This can’t be real. Who’s is this? This not real. Who’s is this,” he asked, scanning the front rows. “Where did this come from? State your name immediately. Nah this custom work right here. Oh this is a 42H, another 42H.”

More On Drake’s Hall Of Bra Fame

As mentioned, the two bras discussed above aren’t the only ones Drake has collected since starting his tour earlier this summer.

While performing in New York, the rapper jokingly asked his audience to “immediately” find the owner of a 36G bra he found on stage. Less than 48 hours later, she identified herself as Veronica Correia (@olivia.veronica,corr) on Instagram and TikTok.

The 21-year-old mother is Portuguese and a Virgo, per The Shade Room. Within a week of being put in the public spotlight, Veronica was reportedly offered a partnership with Playboy.

“Drake did swipe up on my Instagram story after my identity was revealed to start a conversation,” Veronica told Vibe in July. “My life has changed overnight since going viral. I would’ve never thought I’d receive a DM from Drake and get to join Playboy, but I’m so grateful for how this has turned out. I even named a coffee at my shop, Cafe La La, after Drake.”

During another set on tour, Drake scooped up another heavy hitter–a size 42H. He called it a “record holder” at the time, joking that its owner deserves a “gift bag.” But that record didn’t last long, given 36L’s pop-out.

With multiple stops in the U.S. and Canada remaining, who knows what other sizes might enter the competition!


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