Brittany Renner On Criticism She Received Dating PJ Washington

Brittany Renner Reflects On Criticism She Received From Past Relationship With PJ Washington | SITSR (Exclusive)

On the latest episode of Stepping Into The Shade Room, Brittany Renner gets candid about her years on social media, her current views on romance, and her past relationship with NBA player, and father of her child, PJ Washington, with host Thembi.

The social media superstar and fitness model rose to fame for her transparent views on sexuality. As well as for showing off her attractive figure. Despite some who disagree with Renner’s opinions over the years, she remains firmly planted in who she is and is taking the time to share more of her “truth.”

Brittany Renner Reflects On Criticism She Received While Dating Washington

During the interview, Thembi questioned Renner about the criticism she received during her former relationship with NBA player PJ Washington. At the time Renner was 26 years old and Washington was 18.

Additionally, many people viewed her as “trying to catch a come-up.”

I’ve always wanted a relationship, I’ve always been a one-man woman. I think a lot of that narrative is from when he tweeted, ‘You were faking it all along.’ And he never came to my aid. So who are you going to believe? Him or me? And I’ve done nothing but play up this narrative that people think — he knows that. But why would he come to my aid if he’s upset with me?

The 31-year-old went on to explain that, unfortunately, she had to accept the criticism from the world. But says she can’t understand why people continue to hold the same view about her today.

I don’t know why people even still think the way that they do about that situation. I love my child’s father to death. I don’t want to be with him. And our son was planned. I thought that was my guy. I guess foolish of me for thinking someone who’s only six years younger than me — let’s not even get into the age gap… I just genuinely thought that was my person who understood and saw me for me cause he never judged me. That’s how it appeared — that’s obviously not true.

Renner went on to reiterate that if she did want “to catch a come-up” financially from any man, she could’ve done so but never did.

Brittany Renner Was Accused Of “Grooming” Washington During Their Relationship

As The Shade Room previously reported, Brittany Renner was accused of “grooming” PJ Washington during their relationship. She was even accused of intentionally “trapping” the professional basketball player when she became pregnant with their son.

However, Renner has always denied the accusations. In an exclusive interview with DJ Akademiks, she explained that she was on birth control while dating Washington and it was actually him who wanted her to have his child.

I told you, ‘I’m okay to wait. I’m not in a rush’…

She told Akademiks, recalling a conversation she had with Washington about having a child. Then went on to share her surprise at the world not criticizing other celebrity couples like Jay-Z and Beyoncé for their age gap.

Watch Stepping Into The Shade Room with guest Brittany Renner above!


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