Busta Rhymes Reacts To Woman Grabbing His Butt (Video)

Not Feeling It! Busta Rhymes Reacts To Woman Touching His Butt (Video)

Busta Rhymes was not very happy with a woman who went out of her way to touch his butt. And the rapper let that be known.

The Incident Was Caught By An Onlooker Who Shared The Video On Twitter

The rapper was spotted by onlookers as he was making his way through an unknown location. The rapper was surrounded by what appeared to be security guards. And loud music can be heard playing in the scene’s background.

As Busta walks along, sporting a navy coat, onlookers record the star on the phones. And some even attempt to get close to the rapper. But it was one woman who got a little too close for Busta’s comfort.

In the clip, a woman is seen walking close behind the rapper. Her demeanor appears to be calm and casual. But then, shockingly, she reaches her hand out to touch his butt area.

The rapper instantly turns around and appears to grab a water bottle from a man standing close to him. Then flings the water at the woman as she walks away with her hand up to her nose — appearing to find amusement in her action.

Fans are left looking at Busta, shocked at the entire incident.

Twitter Users Were Quick To React To The Incident

As the clip began to make its rounds on Twitter, users couldn’t help but react. Some criticized the woman for her actions. While others praised Busta’s amazing aim.

The Woman Has Since Responded & Shared Her Side Of The Incident

Nikita Mathis, the owner of Platinum Plus Fashions Boutique, spoke exclusively with TSR’s Brianne D. And explained that her touching the rapper’s behind area was an honest mistake.

Mathis just wanted a picture with the star.

I didn’t mean to touch his behind honestly I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic been a long time fan I admit I shouldn’t have touch him at all but he’s BUSTA. I felt like I could possibly get a pic…

Busta Rhymes Just Performed At The 2023 Grammys

The 50-year-old rapper recently took the stage at the 2023 GRAMMYs. And performed in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop. Additionally, Rhymes took the stage with Missy Elliot, Run-DMC, Salt-N-Pepa, and more!

Busta performed “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” alongside Spliff Star.

In addition, Busta also shared a post alongside some of the performers and predecessors in hip-hop.

Me & my Big Bro’s, My Teachers, My Mentors @kingdmc @mrchuckd_pe @thegodrakim @llcoolj I WAS RAISED RIGHT!!! 👑👑👑👑👑👑

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