Cam Newton Clowned Over Joyful Rollerskating Video

Cam Newton Clowned Over Joyful Rollerskating Video: ‘He Is Such An Auntie’

NFL star Cam Newton had people raising eyebrows after a video surfaced showing him having the time of his life at a roller rink.

The clip was shared to TikTok by @lifeoftheskateparty, and it shows Cam effortlessly gettin’ DOWN while rollerskating. The fact that “Return of the Mack” was bumping in the background also added to the fun, retro vibes.


😱IS THAT CAM NEWTON 🏈 #lifeoftheskateparty #rollerskating #skating #rollerskate #skating

♬ original sound – Roll Modul

Twitter Reacts To The Cam Newton Video

Naturally, the video made its way to Twitter, and users had a field day reacting to it.

While his skate moves were definitely the main attraction, some couldn’t get past his outfit. Humorously, Cam’s look was compared to “a white woman in Portland at a BLM rally.”

Cam also found himself being accused of looking and acting like an auntie. Tough crowd!

Brittney Griner and Oprah Winfrey were caught in the crossfire, as they were brought up by way of comparison.

Aside from his outfit, Cam Newton’s physique was referenced. One user even proclaimed, “I had no clue Cam was shaped like a bad b***h.”

He was also called a “youth pastor” with “baby momma hips.”

Cam currently being an unsigned free agent was brought up as well. One person pointed out that the athlete’s having the time of his life while his former teammates are gearing up to face freezing-cold temperatures.

Not everyone clowned Cam Newton, though, as a few people rushed to his defense and accused others of “hating” on him.

Additionally, users couldn’t help but envy his smooth rollerskating skills. People even shared that they were inspired to shake after seeing the video of Cam.

All in all, most people were glad to see Cam happily doing his own thing, though some still couldn’t get behind his outfit.

What do you think about the Cam Newton video? Also, do you possess similar rollerskating skills, or is Cam on a totally different level?


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