Can He Live Tamika? Ludacris' Baby Mama Claims His Recent Marriage Was A Scheme To Win Full Custody Of Their Daughter!

Can He Live Tamika? Ludacris’ Baby Mama Claims His Recent Marriage Was A Scheme To Win Full Custody Of Their Daughter!



Ludacris hasn’t been married a hot second and his Baby’s Muva Tamika Fuller is already throwing salt on their union. If you didn’t know, Tamika Fuller gave birth to Ludacris’ daughter on December 9, 2013. The child’s name is Cai Bridges. Ludacris has been with his long-term girlfriend Eudoxie for years, but they claim this child was conceived while they were on a break. Word on the streetz (Tattle Tailzz) is that Ludacris and Tamika both went to the same high school together back in the day and met when they were in their teens. Yea I know!

Anyways, fast forward to the last days of 2014 when Ludacris proposed to Eudoxie. If you missed the TEA click here to catch up. Everyone was surprised that Luda was engaged and married quicker than we could snap our fingers. We still think it was a very romantic move! However, Tamika Fuller says he’s scheming!



Tamika Fuller at her Baby Shower

Tamika told TMZ that the only reason Ludacris married Eudoxie so quickly is because he has plans of getting full custody of their child! Her logic is that he wants to appear like he has a very stable household for their daughter in hopes that the Judge will rule in his favor.

Okay, listen Tamika….that doesn’t make too much sense. Whether Eudoxie is his Wife or Fiance, Ludacris is obviously the parent with more money and more financial stability. Besides, Tamika isn’t married so why would he need to be to prove he has a stable home?

We highly doubt that Luda would need to go to this extent to win full custody of his child. I mean, getting married is a life long decision. Tamika stop raining on their parade….at least let them celebrate first boo!



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