Here's What To Know About Tink & Hitmaka's IG Back-And-Forth

From Cancún To Instagram: Here’s The Rundown On Tink’s Back-And-Forth With Hitmaka

Tink and Hitmaka recently engaged in a heated back-and-forth through a series of social media uploads. The “Treat Me Like Somebody” artist owned her role in the matter before issuing a message about this generation being “so damn pitiful.”

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Tink Admits She “Had To Get Physical” Before Hitmaka Says He “Ain’t Talked To Her In Like Ten Months”

Taking it from the top, the situation began on Saturday (Sept. 9) after Tink popped off on Hitmaka through Instagram Live.

“If I ever have to say something, it’s valid, and it means something. So just understand, Hitmaka, you foul. And if you think to put the video out of me in the car, just understand Imma have to let the clip go, and everybody’s gonna get exposed.”

After declaring that she “know[s] how [he’s] been playing,” Tink went on to acknowledge that, although people warned her about Hitmaka, she didn’t see his alleged true colors until now.

“Y’all told me about that man. But let me just say, sometimes time reveals, and I’m human. And I’m gonna make mistakes. And this probably was close to the biggest. I been through that s**t before, and I’m not gonna be silent this time. People out playing in my pockets and playing in my face.”

She then unapologetically admitted that she “had to get physical” at one point.

“I’m not having it. And if I gotta get physical, then that’s what I gotta do. … I had a moment in that car when I had to get physical, and that’s what the f**k it is.”

Shortly after Tink popped off, Hitmaka responded with his own video.

“I don’t even know what that girl talking about. … I don’t know what the f**k going on.”

He went on to proclaim, “I ain’t talked to her in like ten months.”

Then, Hitmaka said he’d call his lawyer and accused Tink of “violat[ing]” him before declaring, “I ain’t do nothing to that person.”

Continuing, the 38-year-old said Tink would “have to pay” before alleging, “This ain’t the first time she done went and put hands on somebody. She definitely put her hands on me.”

Hitmaka Says They’re Going Through A Breakup Before Tink Accuses Him Of Asking For $2M

Hitmaka later provided further information and declared that the situation with Tink went down during a breakup.

He noted they were “coincidentally” at the same restaurant in Cancún, where he celebrated his birthday. After spotting her, Hitmaka said he left “out of respect” and headed to another venue. However, he alleged Tink and some friends proceeded to shout “Yung Berg” at him while chatting with some women.

After getting into his car, Hitmaka accuses Tink of “open[ing] the car and put[ting] her hands on” him. As a result, he declared that he dislikes how others are “trying to change the narrative.”

“I don’t like how y’all trying to change the narrative. She went and said some s**t and said it was a physical altercation because she knows I got the footage. … At the end of the day, my whole thing is to be like, ‘Look, in reality, this ain’t happen. Nothing happened between [us]. She lost her cool in the situation. And we still mad cool.”

In turn, Tink confirmed that she and Hitmaka were dating “for a long time.” Additionally, she noted that she’s “been silent” about various aspects of their relationship before accusing him of “asking [her] for $2M.”

She also alleged that Hitmaka was reluctant for her to “create from [her] own source.”

“A man that doesn’t wanna see you work on your own, make money on your own, survive on your own—that’s not love.”

Tink went on to say that she was “enraged” over “not [being] respected” when she saw Hitmaka. Nonetheless, she acknowledged being in the wrong for putting her hands on Hitmaka, though she noted that she was at her breaking point.

She also pointed out, “He did not put his hands on me. … It was physical on my end.”

Tink Winds The Matter Down With A Cryptic Message

After Tink’s follow-up IG Live, Hitmaka issued a brief message by sharing a photo of Tink being escorted away from his car, writing, “Thanks for being honest.”

Later that evening, Tink said, “this generation is so damn pitiful.” She also noted that people need “guidance” before cryptically stating, “You not ready.”

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