Cardi B's Dancehall Birthday Bash Had Celebs Letting Loose On The Dance Floor

Cardi B’s Dancehall Birthday Bash Had Celebs Letting Loose On The Dance Floor

If you’re from the Caribbean or well-versed in the culture, you know that a bashment means everybody’s hitting the dance floor at some point. There was no exception made at Cardi B’s recent dancehall-themed party. The rapper celebrated her 29th trip around the sun like a true Caribbean empress. And it’s safe to say celebrities in attendance felt the energy in the air because the dance moves didn’t stop giving!

Cardi tapped on Spice to bring the authenticity of a Caribbean function to the party. The dancehall artist took to Instagram early Tuesday to reminisce and thank Cardi for bringing her out.

Happy birthday @iamcardib you couldn’t have a Dancehall party without the Queen of dancehall,” Spice wrote on Instagram. “Your party was a bloodclaaaat Movie. Thanks for hiring me to perform for you and yessss that’s right you handled this very professional and spend up you good good lump sum a money to fly in my entire crew.” 

Spice did exactly what needed to be done. She orchestrated a few stage moments that are now viral, but you’ll have to keep reading to see them!

Cardi B.

Cardi popped out in a black and gold outfit and up-do similar to the one in her WAP music video. In circulating clips, she’s bouncing her clappas and bussing whines, both solo and on her husband Offset. She topped off her night by receiving Offset’s gift — a lavish mansion in the Dominican Republic.

Ella Mai

Sweet Ella Mai caught folks online by surprised when a video surfaced of her bussing a whine. The R&B vocalist put her waistline to work as she enchanted someone’s unidentified son at the party. Our girl even brought her hands to her knees and then the floor as she tapped into her Jamaican roots.


One thing Normani isn’t afraid of is bussing a move. If she managed to inspire a mini twerk session at Paris Fashion Week, why wouldn’t she kill a moment at a dancehall party? She seductively moved her hips before dropping to the floor in a split and ending with a few floor humps.

Megan Thee Stallion

Now, we all know Megan got those titanium knees the gwrolz are begging for! She made sure to bring them out as her and Spice whined, twerked and bounced their cheeks on stage!

Teyana Taylor

Listen, Teyana must’ve attended plenty of dancehall festivities in her time. She fully understood the assignment when she hopped on another party guest’s back while the guest was bent over dancing. She also put that waistline to the test while the guest’s clappas went to work below her!


And last, but definitely not least is Quavo. Unlike the ladies, he played the same role as Ella Mai’s mystery man. Despite Spice insisting he step to the middle of the stage, Quavo leaned back against a structure as one of Spice’s dancers unleashed a true Jamaican dancehall experience on him.

The dancer jumped on Quavo and wrapped her legs around him before giving him some powerful humps. Then, she hopped off and gave him a few more half-split humps while his icy shades clung to his head for dear life!

Whew! Now that’s a bashment done right. Check out all the clips below:


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