Celebrities React To The Coronavirus Outbreak!

Celebrities React To The Coronavirus Outbreak!

Roommates, with the Coronavirus on everyone’s mind, we’ve rounded up some celebrity reactions to the infectious disease and how they’ve been dealing with quarantining themselves! Up first we have the Lysol-happy celebs. This past week both Shaquille O’neal and O.J. Simpson opted for Lysol as their saving grace. While O.J. was more concerned with disinfecting his money ($62 to be exact), Shaq was more concerned with using Lysol on his body, mouth included! See the videos below:

O.J. was making sure his coin was nice and clean, see below:

Meanwhile, some celebs are at home and keeping it casual like Miley Cyrus. She’s been keeping it SO casual that she’s not even changing her clothes. In a video she posted to Instagram she explains that she’s been chillin’ in the same clothes since this quarantine! Now I’m no scientist bit I’m not exactly sure how that HELPS a hygienic cause, but I digress. Watch Hanna Montana’s message below:


If nothing else, I applaud her honesty… I guess. Moving on, we were ALL shocked when our forever crush, Idris Elba, tested positive for ‘The Rona.’ Everyone was equal parts concerned, as they were curious about how to sign up to be his nurse. Despite the news, Idris used his platform to educate and let people know how he’s doing, and what YOU can do to prevent catching the virus, see his post below:

We stan an educational bae! Anyway, just throw the whole month away! Between, self-quarantine and eating up all of our quarantine snacks, it’s been ROUGH out here in these sKreets. Though some celebrities have been doing what they have to do to stay safe, some have taken that concept to new heights, like Alexis Skyy, you may want to click here to see what she did right before her club appearance to make sure she was walking out of the club Rona-free!


We encourage all of you to stay safe during this time and stay inside! Sending you all positive vibes Roomies!


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