Celebs React To Video Of Elderly Woman Being Beaten During Houston Carjacking

Celebs React To Video Of Elderly Woman Being Beaten During Houston Carjacking

In a disturbing video, an elderly woman was beaten during a carjacking at a local gas station in northwest Houston, Texas around 10 PM on October 4th. In the surveillance footage two men are seen walking up to the woman and demanding her belongings, including her car.

Local authorities told ABC News 13 in Houston that when the woman refused to give up her car keys, the two suspects tripped, punched and dragged her through the parking lot. Luckily, the woman was not seriously injured and her car was found less than a mile away the following day. Although the entire attack was caught on video, police have yet to catch the two men responsible for the theft and assault.

The heartbreaking incident struck a cord with many in the Houston community and also some celebrities, including T. I., DC Young Fly and J. Prince, who took to social media to express their extreme frustration and disgust after viewing the video that quickly went viral.

Of the incident, T. I. said:

“F**KIN COWARDS‼️ Somebody out there knows who’s responsible for this heinous act against OUR elder…. & WE WILL FIND YOU‼️If you Contact someone (Not police) who can hold them accountable (outside of the law) this is not snitching….who feel otherwise‼️

Comedian DC Young Fly followed suit with his own sentiment:

“ALL GANGSTAS AROUND THE WORLD PSA we not goin for this s**h period…women children old people are off limits when it comes to this street s**t!!!! If kno these ni**as politely bring em to the side…AND U SLAP THE DOG S**T OUTTA DESE NI**AS!!! BEAT EM AND MAKE EM WALK HOME NAKED!!! Somebody better talk to em before some real ni**as do!!”

Music mogul J. Prince was also upset with the video, providing this lengthy response:

“To all the #Mobties family, homies and the real brothas who have a voice in the streets, we can’t allow clowns like this to disrespect our grandmothers! I take this personal and so should all of you because these clowns would do the same thing to all of our grandmothers, mothers and daughters. We cannot depend on the police to do everything for us, some things we have to do on our own; such as teaching, showing and holding the youngsters accountable when they’re in violation. To all of my solid young homies out there take a stand against this type of disrespect. These types of punks don’t deserve to hang on the block with real men.”

In a bit of even better news, rapper Trae tha Truth recently visited the woman and updated fans on social media about her progress:


We’re glad to know that the woman is doing fine and was not seriously injured or worse. Our prayers are with her.


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