Teachers can be so influential in a student’s life. That being said, it’s both unfortunate and disheartening when they have negative things to say, especially about a student’s future.

That was the case for #BostonCeltics star #JaylenBrown five years ago. The 22-year-old and #Marietta, Georgia native, who’s now in his third #NBA season and competing in the playoffs, received some disturbing words from his teacher five years ago. He shared it in a tweet that has now gone viral.

Five years ago today, Jaylen tweeted: “My teacher said she will look me up in the Cobb county jail in 5 years .. Wow.” This was told to him when he was only 17.

The tweet gained a lot of attention given Jaylen’s success, proving that success truly is the best revenge. People were also upset because his teacher’s alleged words shows how educators can contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline in America.

Obviously, the teacher couldn’t have been more wrong about Jaylen. He averaged 13 points per game in the NBA this season and he dropped 18 points on nearly 40-percent shooting as a second-year wing in the playoffs last year, according to MassLive. He also nearly helped boost the Celtics into the Finals.

We wonder how that teacher is feeling now?

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