City Girls, Asian Doll And Rolling Ray Go Back And Forth On Twitter

City Girls, Asian Doll And Rolling Ray Go Back And Forth On Twitter

Everyone and their mom decided to address Internet beef today. Asian Doll made a post on Twitter saying, “Glad I’ve been pretty my whole life.” It appears that the tweet was made after old mugshots of JT from the City Girls resurfaced on the Internet. JT felt that Asian was coming for her and responded to Asian in a series of tweets. JT tweeted, “Like @AsianDaBrattt let it go. Get on the Internet weekly looking for drama! To get posted on blogs! You’ve been salty for a while now!

She kept on with her rant, tweeting, “Looks ain’t get your a** nowhere but dropped from every record label. You must have got dropped on your head to think you can f**k with me! Smoked out ant built b**ch. Let’s talk about it. I don’t give AF about none of that sh*t! FRFR.” She continued, “City Girls came in and put all the dolls to rest. Let’s talk about it. 2016 big moon boots wearing, irrelevant a** h*es better find a toy.”


Yung Miami chimed in, saying, “ B**ches been salty since ‘Act up!’” The back-and-forth between JT and Asian didn’t stop however “. Asian responded, “B**h you’ve been singing my songs since I been dropping h*e. The only song I got took off with was Meg and Frego song. Cause I was washing you bi**he’s literally.” JT responded, “That was 2017. Let it go. It’s about to be 2021.” At this point in the exchange, Asian was seemingly ready to fight. She even wanted to know JT’s location to meet up. There was still more back-and-forth between the girls, and Yung Miami entered the conversation again. She tweeted, “Only thing a b**ch can ever throw at JT is Uzi! Uzi literally be in JT P**sy like a tampon. She ain’t gotta chase s**t.”


Rolling Ray even entered the conversation when he commented on Asian’s tweet that said, “Let me know when a bi**h got a location ready to meet up.” Ray’s response was, “I got Santana big body a**, you got JT & we can call CPS on Caresha for the day. She ain’t going nowhere.”

Miami responded in a since-deleted tweet, “Rolling Ray chill fr. I’ll beat tf outta you respectfully. All I gotta do is push you down!” Ray clapped back, saying, “ You knew to delete that tweet… Now purr that… You cute and all, but I’ll put you in a wheelchair and have them calling you Rolling Resha.”


Roommates, have yall been keeping up?!

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