We’ve all seen our fair share of trolling on social media, but this one takes the cake. One college student caught the attention of many when she reportedly collected a large amount of money through a GoFundMe account after she pretended to be a MAGA supporter.

In a photo posted to her Twitter account, the young lady, that goes by the name Quran, captioned a photo of her wearing a MAGA hat and said, “I will not hide any longer,, the left has made us feel as if us black republicans should hide!! but not anymore!! #BlacksForTrump #WalkAway #maga.”

The tweet started to make its rounds on the social platform, and eventually, Quran continued with her storyline and claimed that her parents kicked her out and refused to pay her college tuition. She even provided screenshots of a fake conversation to back her story. She attached a link to a GoFundMe page to one of her tweets and surprisingly the money started to come in.

A few hours later, Quran revealed that the photo with the MAGA hat and messages were not real. She tweeted, “Trump is a racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigot AND YOU THINK MY BLACK ASS WOULD SUPPORT THAT ROTTING CARROT?? ridiculous. any black person can put on that ugly ass hat and say #MAGA and yall will instantly be up their ass cuz you wanna prove so hard you’re not racist.”

In an interview with New York Magazine, Quran revealed that she didn’t raise as much as people thought she did. However, she did refund the money that she received.

When asked about the amount of money she raised, she responded and said, “That’s between me and the IRS.”

She said, “I just felt really weird about taking their money. This could go south really fast, I just decided to refund everyone and give their money back. I think it was like maybe $200 at that point.”

“I just honestly didn’t want to take their money. Yeah, I can’t pay for school but I don’t want Republican money to pay for it. I just want everyone to think I’m the finesse queen, which I am,” she continued.

Quran, who studies Art History at Howard University, is currently taking a semester off. However, she made a visit to her school during homecoming and that’s where she found the MAGA hat.

She revealed that her motive was to troll and get into Twitter fights, but things turned out differently than she expected. “It was just straight Republicans all in the comments who were so proud of me. It was weird. It was very unnerving,” said Quran.

She talked about the different responses the photo caused and said, “There are the people who support me for being a black Trump supporter, there are the people who are asking me why, and then there’s the other people who saw obviously it was a troll.”


Did Quran rightfully earn her title as Finesse Queen or nah?



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