A Virginia man was sick and tired of children trespassing and littering on his lawn so he put up an electric fence around his property to keep them out, pissing a lot of parents off.

According to @NYDailyNews, Bryan Tucker’s property is literally just a few steps from a Henrico County School bus stop, which means a lot of students wait outside his home.

Parents were surprised and pissed when they dropped their kids off at the bus stop and saw the electric fence.

Bryan says he’s done pretty much everything he could to keep people off his property.

“All I can do is protect myself and that’s why I’ve got a fence up,” he said in an interview with #WTVR. “Trespassing signs and poster signs have been up for two years — and nothing stops people.”

In the end police ended up making Bryan take the fence down because he violated the County code since it’s county property.

One neighbor spoke with NBC12, and said “What if there’s a little kid, 2 or 3 years old riding their tricycle and they fall and they get shocked? That’s not going to be Okay.”

Hopefully Bryan and the parents can come to a peaceful resolution.