Da Baby's Baby Mama Alleges He Got Another Woman Pregnant

Da Baby’s Baby Mama Puts Him on Blast and Alleges He Has A Child on the Way With Another Woman

Whew Chile! It was all good just a week ago! Da Baby’s baby mama Meme put him on blast in a series of Instagram stories that are now deleted. In the now deleted posts, Meme alleged that Da Baby got a woman that isn’t her pregnant.

“This is what your favorite rapping (rapper) is hiding,” she wrote on a screenshot of a text conversation that’s seemingly between Da Baby and the alleged woman.  “Don’t fall for the cap, another child is on the way and it ain’t me,” she continued.

da baby baby mama claim's he got another woman pregnant

She then posted a video of her talking to Da Baby saying that she was going to tell all his fans that he “polices” his baby mama. In addition, she made a post saying “Your favorite rapper is the number 1 capper.  Don’t believe half of what social media is showing you.”

da baby baby mama claim's he got another woman pregnant

Meme then came back and said that “Who I am as a woman will always shine through some bullish*t.” Adding, “I know who I am, some people should do some soul searching and figure out who they are.”

Da Baby had some words of his own too right before Meme went off.

“When your love, loyalty and selflessness gets taken for granted, and everything you have to offer still ain’t enough, you better understand that’s God talking.”

Adding, “Accept what is, make the adjustments, and deal with everything that come[s] wit it.”

We’ll keep y’all posted on any updates Roommates!


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