Roommates, we know that DaBaby likes to turn up, he’s definitely not one to shy away from any sort of confrontation. And while we often times see him turn up on people, he also has a very giving side to him, especially when it comes to his fans. On the heels of his new album release, ‘Kirk,’ it feels like he’s been all over the place blessing fans. One fan in particular got he surprise of her life when Baby showed her some love in a really sweet way.

Recently during a meet & greet a woman named Amanda explained to him that she was living in her car with her son and hoped to sell him hats in exchange for money. After the meet & greet, Baby made sure to meet up with Amanda and personally gave her some money too! In the video you can see how emotional Amanda got at his act of kindness. See the video below:

This isn’t the first time Baby‘s done something like this, he also recently gave some young kids some money after they tried selling his some girl scout cookies. See that video below as well:


Isn’t he just the sweetest?!! DaBaby has been on his best behavior lately, even at the club y’all!

We congratulate Baby on his success and we hope he continues to bless his fans!