REPORT: DJ Envy Will Testify Against Cesar Pina If Ordered To

DJ Envy Will Reportedly Testify Against Cesar Pina If Judge Requires It 

It looks like DJ Envy has no problem testifying against his former business partner, Cesar Pina. Cesar is charged with defrauding real estate investors.

Back in December, the Breakfast Club host also faced potential legal trouble. A judge demanded he provide documents concerning Pina’s bankruptcy filing.

DJ Envy To Testify Against Ex-Business Partner

The bankruptcy court judge ordered Envy, alleged to have maintained a lengthy business relationship with Pina, to submit the documents related to their transactions.

The judge’s order suggested suspicion of unethical or illegal activities, implying that Envy and Pina could have possibly conspired to defraud creditors.

But Envy, real name Raashaun Casey, doesn’t seem worried. His attorney reportedly confirmed that they have sent over all of the court-requested documents. Furthermore, the radio personality is looking forward to clearing his name by testifying against Pina, if required of him.

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“We are aware that on December 20, 2023, the Court issued an Order compelling the production of documents demanded in those subpoenas,” his lawyer, Daniel Marchese wrote in court docs obtained by All Hip Hop.

The court shows particular interest in the transactions that took place between Envy and Pina around the time of the bankruptcy filing.

The judge would consider this period crucial. Pina could have made any fraudulent transactions during this time to shield assets from inclusion in the bankruptcy report.

“At this time, I am happy to report that on Friday, January 5, 2024, we forwarded our responses and document production to counsel for the Trustee in these aforementioned cases,” Marchese continued.

“Given the professional back-and-forth between counsel and I since then, it would appear that indeed the responses and the production were acknowledged and received by the Trustee. With this writing, I therefore confirm my client’s compliance with Your Honor’s Order. As I offered to Trustee’s counsel, I will likewise offer to the Court that should sworn testimony (in any form) be needed to affirm my client’s responses and production, he would readily oblige.”

Cesar Pina’s Real Estate Fraud Case

Pina is accused of several counts of fraud. These include mortgage fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Allegedly, he manipulated property prices to secure larger loans from banks than were necessary. Prosecutors are accusing him of using the funds for personal expenses and investing them in other business ventures.

If these accusations hold, it would mean Pina had been operating a scheme that defrauded people out of millions of dollars.

According to Vibe, Pina is reportedly considering a plea deal. The plea could reduce his charges or lighten his sentence. If Pina chooses to accept a deal, it would involve an admission of guilt to some or all of the charges against him.

No word on what impact the potential plea could have on DJ Envy and his business relationships. Despite his current dissociation from Pina’s fraud case, the outcome could impact his reputation.


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