DJ Mustard Responds To Claims He Is Financially Negligent

DJ Mustard Responds To Claims He Is Financially Negligent Amid Divorce From Chanel Thierry

The court battle continues between DJ Mustard and Chanel Thierry. And now the producer is responding directly to initial claims Thierry seemingly made, alleging Mustard is financially negligent of their three children.

DJ Mustard Maintains That He Is Contributing Financially To Assist His Kids And Ex-Wife

Court documents, obtained by Radar Online and reportedly filed by the producer, insist that he is paying for “several” of Thierry’s living expenses. In addition to costs related to their three children.

Mustard maintains that he is” willing to pay the agreed-upon child support amount of $18,342 a month.” But has added that he has been “quite generous” to Thierry and her financial needs for supporting their children.

According to The Blast, Mustard’s filing read.

Chanel’s claim that I have starved her out financially since separation is a flat-out lie. From the time Chanel and I separated in May 2022, I continued to uphold my obligation to support her and the children. I continued to pay all of Chanel’s living expenses, including all of her credit card bills. I also continued paying Chanel’s housing costs and the children’s expenses including private school tuition. Along with the voluntary child support, I also have continued paying for 100% of our children’s educational, medical and extra-curricular expenses. Finally, I have also paid 100% of our agreed-upon spousal support buy-out of $315,000 in accordance with the terms of the Premarital Agreement.

Mustard also mentioned the Lamborghini vehicle Thierry uses to transport their children.

Furthermore, since separation, I have also continued paying $2,302 a month for Chanel’s vehicle, a Lamborghini Urus (SUV), which has a value of approximately $270,000.

Ultimately, Mustard says he has paid Thierry all of the support she is due and owed — $315,000. The producer feels his obligation should be “extinguished and terminated.” And added that he has also made a “generous contribution” of $45,000 to Thierry’s attorney’s fees.

In the latest filing, Mustard also seeks “joint legal and physical custody of his minor children.” And is asking for “equal rights to make important educational and medical decisions.”

Mustard Addresses Thierry’s Social Media Posts

The producer also addressed his ex-wife’s post on social media detailing the ex-couples court dispute and disagreeances. Mustard feels that Thierry is “holding him out to the public in a false and defamatory light.”

Chanel’s social media posts disturb my peace and emotional calm, given that her accusations are false. The only reason why I have hesitated to take action is that I do not think any additional conflict between me and Chanel is in the best interests of our children…

I am loving and present father to our three children. Their well-being and health are of the utmost priority to me. I am greatly involved in the daily lives of each of our children.

Thierry Denies Alleging Mustard Was Financially Negligent Of His Children

According to Radar Online, Thierry has denied that she ever alleged the producer was financially negligent of their three children.

I cannot control what the media outlets pull from my social media page and what they infer from my writings…

Thierry reportedly added that she will be “more cautious” of what she posts on her social media, with the guidance of her attorney. The mother of three added that she and her ex-husband went into mediation early this month. However, she says the process has been “extremely difficult” getting Mustard to agree to anything “that would benefit the children and not himself.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, Thierry alleges that Mustard “does not communicate or answer her text messages,” which has made it “increasingly difficult to co-parent.”  Thierry is comfortable with her and Mustard holding joint physical and legal custody of their children. And has asked to share the family Escalade.

Additionally, the mother of three was seeking $40,000 to be paid for her attorney’s fees. While Mustard was reportedly asking for him and his ex-wife to be declared legally single.


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