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Donald Trump’s Biracial Ex Is Spilling Tea About Her Days With Donnie

#Roommates, Donald Trump’s former biracial flame, Kara Young, who dated Donnie for two years before he married Melania, is spilling some juicy tea about her former lover…our commander in chief.

“I didn’t hide my race from Donald Trump. He knew,” Ms. Young said in an interview with the NY Times . “He would say, ‘You’re like Derek Jeter.’ And I would say, ‘Exactly.”’

“I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” she added.

Young was asked if she thought Trump was racist or supported white supremacist ideals, she said, “That was not my experience.”

Ironically, she said Trump was surprised by the amount of blacks at a U.S. Open because he didn’t think black people watched tennis.

“We went to the U.S. Open once, and a lot of black people came because it was Venus and Serena,” she said, referring to the Williams sisters. “He was impressed that a lot of black people came to the U.S. Open because they were playing.”

Young got a chance to watch the fiasco that went down in Charlottesville over the weekend, and was taken back by Trump’s comments where he put white supremacist and counter protesters on the same level.

“It’s horrifying what happened at the rally,” Ms. Young said. “I think it’s crazy, and I think it’s sad that this is where our country is.”

Young probably feels lucky she dodged that bullet.


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