Drake Clowned For Posing Cheek To Cheek With Cuba Gooding Jr.

Drake Clowned For Cheesin’ A Little Too Hard While Partying With Cuba Gooding Jr.

People are cutting up online over Drake seemingly being a little too excited while bringing in the new year with Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Was Cheek To Cheek With ‘Dominican Badness Sr.’ Down In St. Barts

The duo was partying it up in St. Barts (aka Saint Barthélemy) over the weekend, and Drake commemorated the occasion by uploading a series of photos to his Instagram Story.

One image showed Drake and Cuba posing cheek to cheek and seemingly having an all-around great time. Humorously, Drake played on Cuba’s name in the caption by writing, “Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dominican Badness Sr.”

As for Cuba, he uploaded a screenshot of the picture to his page and wrote, “Boyz n da boat!”

Twitter Goes In On Drake: ‘Showing His Gums For Cuba Is Crazy’

As is often the case with Drake’s social media antics, people found his upload to be humorously memeable. One user sparked a ton of conversation by reuploading the image and remarking, “two menaces of this level linking up is crazy.”

Drake’s new nickname for himself sparked some mixed reactions.

Others shared they “didn’t know Cuba was walking free” while imploring women to “stay safe”, which was an apparent reference to Cuba pleading guilty to forcible touching last year.

People also couldn’t get past the fact that Drake was beaming so hard that his gums were on full display.

The fact that their faces were touching didn’t go unnoticed.

Someone went as far as to provide an alt text for the image to exemplify its absurdity.


Another user shared a theory she had about how the interaction may have gone.

Ultimately, it was agreed that the meet-up was unexpected, and some speculated it may be a sign (or omen) of what 2023 has in store.

What do you think about the photo of Drake and Cuba Gooding Jr.? Also, do you think “Dominican Badness Sr.” will stick as a new nickname for the rapper?


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