D&Z Family TikTok Stars To Reportedly Cover Funeral Expenses For 14-Year-Old Teen Who Fatally Fell At Park

D&Z Family TikTok Stars To Reportedly Cover Funeral Expenses For 14-Year-Old Teen Who Fatally Fell At Park

It takes a village, especially in times of tragedy! As folks continue to process Tyre Sampson’s fatal fall, community members are stepping up their level of support. According to FOX 35 Orlando, locals gathered on Monday night in his memory to bring flowers, candles and footballs and loving messages to the site. Desiree Thomas and Isaiah Edwards, the couple behind the popular TikTok account D&Z Family, were two community members in attendance. The couple hope to inspire others to do what they can for Tyre.

Desiree and Isaiah have reportedly spoken to a Tyre’s family attorney. In conversation with The Shade Room, the couple confirmed they’re in conversation to  be covering the funeral expenses and costs to bring Tyre home to St. Louis.

“It really blows my mind; I can only imagine how she feels when she wakes up in the morning not being able to see her son in the morning,” Desiree told FOX 35. They hope to encourage the rest of our community to help however they can.

“When you live in a community, you have to let people know and be an example to let people know we can be together and come together as one whole,” said Edwards.

Who Is Tyre? 

Tyre’s name became known by households across the nation after he fell out of his seat while riding a 430-foot tall ride at ICON amusement park in Orlando. The accident was popularized online after a video of the accident began circulating among social platforms. Florida officials are investigating the accident, but the state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has said the harness on Tyre’s seat “was still in a down and locked position when the ride stopped.”

Per multiple reports, Tyre was visiting the Sunshine State with a group who was a part of called St. Louis Bad Boyz football club. Apparently, members of the team were attending a weeklong training camp. According to FOX 35, the ride Tyre fell from has remained closed since the incident took place last week Thursday.

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