Pick Yours! Essence Teases 'Sexiest Man' List ft. Black Celebs

Pick Ya Flavor! Essence Teases ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ List Featuring Black Celebrities

Essence says their “giving the people what they want” in their ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ line-up. From NFL player Jalen Hurts to rapper-turned-actor Method Man and actor John Boyega, the outlet took to their Instagram to spice up the trending convo.

The innanet streets have been hot with reactions after PEOPLE released its annual pick on Tuesday (Nov. 8). This year, the title went to Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey. 

“I was completely shocked, and then I started laughing, like, this is a joke, right? I’ve always been the bridesmaid!” Patrick told PEOPLE. “I’d completely forgotten about it and never even contemplated being in this position. So my ego is good.”

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Reactions to Patrick’s crowning were all over the place, and on Wednesday (Nov.8), Essence added more hype with their own list. The outlet shared a seven-slide post on Instagram featuring Black entertainers and celebrities.

“There is a sermon on our heart that we have to speak to. The Lord Giveth, and we marvel at How Excellent his work is. We have a few questions for the PEOPLE, and feel free to pinch us because we may be DREAMING. But How is he the sexiest, when THEY exist? AMEN… look at A MAN! #ESSENCE,” their caption said.

Here are Essence’s picks!

Essence Pick One: Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts, 25, quarterback on the Philadelphia Eagles and BET’s Sportsman of the Year. Last week, Hurts was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. From his top-tier athletic status to his fly ‘fits off the field, Hurts turns heads!

But don’t break ya neck cause Jalen Hurts also has his own FIONE leading lady, IT professional Bryonna “Bry” Burrows.

Pick Yours! Essence Teases 'Sexiest Man' List ft. Black Celebs

(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Pick Two: Method Man

Essence’s second pick, Method Man, has had the ladies pining over him for a hot minute! From spitting bars in the 90s to delivering lines in ‘Power Book II: Ghost,’ Method Man has been on LISTS!

His physical appearance is such a viral topic that in August, he made it clear to Men’s Health that he’s “not a sex symbol.” Though he loves the attention, he doesn’t want to become someone addicted to “trying to be that sexy” as his clock “starts winding down.”

Like Hurts, the 52-year-old is locked in, wedding ring included. He tied the knot with his wife, Tamika Smith, in 2001.

Essence Pick Three: Tyler Lepley

Tyler Lepley‘s full beard, always-crispy line-up, and sex appeal in TV characters like Diamond for ‘P-Valley’ keep him on the HOT list.

Still, he’s another taken zaddy! Adding to Tyler Lepley‘s looks is how he has publicly praised his bae, Miracle Watts. They share a toddler son together.

Pick Four: Daniel Kaluuya

Coming in just as hot as Essence’s pick-four is 34-year-old Daniel Kaluuya. The actor stole hearts with his talent in roles for “Black Panther,” “Queen & Slim,” and even “Get Out.” But it’s that crescent-white smile and British accent that also keeps our eyes glued to the screen chile!

We can’t say for sure if the actor is single and mingling. In June 2022, Parade and Bustle reported that he had been dating actor-producer Amandla Crichlow for the last several years.

Pick Yours! Essence Teases 'Sexiest Man' List ft. Black Celebs
Photo by Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Essence Pick Five: Larenz Tate

Larenz Tate. That’s it. That’s the description. From “Love Jones” to “Dead Presidents” and “Why Do Fools Fall In Love,” the 48-year-old has had fans drooling ate our TV screen for at least three decades.

If you’re wondering, his wife, Tomasina Parrott, has been right there drooling with us. They wed in 2006.

Pick Yours! Essence Teases 'Sexiest Man' List ft. Black Celebs
Photo by Robin Platzer/FilmMagic

Pick Six: Skepta

For those unfamiliar with Skepta, the British grime MC has been in the music industry since the early 2000s. In addition to pulling in fans with his art, the 41-year-old keeps heads on a swivel with his runway-like looks and chiseled facial features! It’s unclear if he’s dating at the moment, but his past roster reportedly includes award-winning singer Adele.

Essence Pick Seven: John Boyega

John Boyega, 31, is a lil’ newer to the zaddys’ block. And with his looks, that might be his permanent place of residence, chile! The British and Nigerian actor received a fresh wave of praise for his on-screen skills after the release of “They Cloned Tyrone” this year after delivering in “The Woman King” in 2022.

In July, he told Esquire he wants a relationship but doesn’t “fixate” on it.

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