Exclusive: The Whole Story Behind The 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Confrontation Inside!

Exclusive: The Whole Story Behind The 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather Confrontation Inside!


Chris and 50 Cent at the Between The Sheets show in Brooklyn last night

Ok y’all, we have the full run down from top to bottom on what happened between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent  last night and our source is VERY reliable. We have not been able to get our hands on a video yet since this altercation took place backstage, but we can verify that all parties were present at the Between The Sheets Tour last night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Besides, you know our exclusives are usually on point.

Here’s what happened:

A lot of people were in attendance at the Between The Sheets Tour last night. You had Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner backstage with Tyga. Mind you, this was fresh off of the twitter war that took place earlier with Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian. If you missed that click here to catch up. Our source didn’t over hear them talking mess though, and you know we asked. They just described them to be whispering and keeping to themselves.

Neyo and his fiancé Crystal Renay were also in attendance looking like two love birds cuddled up until it was time for him to perform on stage.

Busta Rhymes, Karrueche, and of course Trey Songz were also present.

It all started when Chris Brown decided to bring 50 cent to
the concert so that he could perform on stage with him. Floyd Mayweather and his team were getting ready to leave at the time that 50 and G Unit arrived.

So fast forward, 50 cent goes to his dressing room and a couple of Floyd’s boys went to try and talk to him. 50’s security turned them around and that’s when Floyd decided to go address 50 face to face about it. When Floyd and them went up to 50’s dressing room things started to get heated between them and security.

Floyd and his team eventually turned around to go outside and 50’s people started following them. That’s when 50 ran outside and started to confront Floyd and his team about talking mess on social media and not to his face. Everything started getting really heated between both teams at this time.

Trey Songz was getting ready to go on stage but he witnessed the beginning of the confrontation. Chris Brown also saw the beginning of the confrontation but decided to leave with Trey Songz. They didn’t want any parts of the drama chile!

Busta Rhymes was also present during the whole thing.

50 cent went up to Floyd and pulled him to the side and they seemed to be trying to diffuse the situation. While everyone else was still hyped up, 50 and Floyd were low-key trying to squash things. That’s when one of Floyd’s boys tried  to run up on 50’s security. 50 told them to chill out and things started to simmer down.

Floyd and 50 left on a good note but it could have gotten really ugly!



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